2020 Midterm Cram Sessions:

In Person/Virtual Cram Sessions
$105 - Coupon Codes Accepted
  • In Person Cram Sessions limited to 8 students

  • All Virtual Cram Sessions limited to 15 students

  • Focus is fully on the in person or virtual students

Virtual Tune Ins
$75 - Coupon Codes Accepted
  • Students purchase and “tune in” to a cram session

  • Session is live-streamed 

  • Tune In students may listen in on the review and gain access to our exam review documents, but questions limited to in person students

Click here to view PDF of our offerings!

When registering for midterm exams reviews, please keep in mind the HPHS exam schedule (see below). You do not want to sign up for review that meets after your test!

Monday, Dec. 14th

  • HPHS: 

    • AM: 8th/7th period exam​s (M-Z)

    • PM: 8th/7th period exams (A-L)

Tuesday, Dec. 15th

  • HPHS: 

    • AM: 6th/5th period exam​s (A-L)

    • PM: 6th/5th period exams (M-Z)

Wednesday, Dec. 16th

  • HPHS: 

    • AM: 4th/3rd period exams (A-L)

    • PM: 4th/3rd period exams (M-Z)

Thursday, Dec. 17th (early release)

  • HPHS: 

    • AM: 2nd period exam (ALL)

Friday, Dec. 18th (early release)

  • HPHS: 

    • AM: 1st period exam (ALL)

Office Phone:


oscar@holahp.com: billing/registration

katherine@holahp.com: inquiries

Where We Teach:

*6719 Hillcrest Suite B  

*3406 Rosedale Avenue 

*6615 Snider Plaza (above Bandito's)

*6729 Hillcrest

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