August '21: BTS Reviews (5th-12th Grades)

Below, you will find all of our 5th-12th grade Subject-based academic reviews. You can find our Summer Reading Reviews in the English section of registrations.

Coming off a year and a half of pandemic-learning, we find it incredibly important to offer study skills based courses in August and throughout the year. You may find descriptions below of what our Academic Coaching Team will be providing this month for setting up your students for success

Summer Reading

Study Skills BTS ($85):

Get your student ready for the 2021-2022 school year in the best way possible! Allow Hola HP to refresh student minds with all executive functioning skills: study skills strategies, organization strategies, time management, and test taking skills! 7th/8th grade groups AND 5th/6th grade groups!

*Study Skills 7th and 8th 

Sat. 8/14 10:30-12:00 (CB)

Sun 8/15 1:30-3:00 (CB)


*Study Skills 5th and 6th

Sat. 8/14 10:30-12:00 

Sun. 8/15 1:30-3:00 


Set Up for Success ($65):

The first few days of school can be overwhelming to get organized! Help your student get set up for success with their school supplies, google classrooms, google drives, email, class syllabus information and more! 7th grade groups, 8th grade groups, and 9th grade privates!

*7th Grade Groups

Sun. 8/22 12:15-1:10 

Sun. 8/29 12:15-1:10


*8th Grade Groups

Sun. 8/22 1:15-2:10 

Sun. 8/29 12:15-1:10


*9th Grade Privates ($125):

Sun. 8/22 12:15-3:10 with Ms. W.

Sun. 8/22 12:15-3:10  with Ms. B.

Sun. 8/29 12:15-3:10 with Ms. W.


Welcome to 7th Grade (Middle School) ($65):

Welcome to Middle School! The transition from 6th grade to 7th grade can be overwhelming! Work with Ms. Burr to learn everything you need to know about 7th grade and everything you need to have a great year! Groups include important academic information as well as tips and tricks for how to make middle school a breeze socially and emotionally!

Sun. 8/15 3:15- 4:10 AND 4:14-5:10 (CB)


Welcome to 5th/6th Grade (Intermediate School) ($85):

Welcome to McCulloch Intermediate School! Everything you need to know about how to make your 5th or 6th grade year the best ever with Mrs. Woldert! Groups include important academic information as well as tips and tricks for how to make intermediate school a breeze socially and emotionally!

Thurs. 8/12 10:30-12:00 (JW)