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Through the teaching of executive functioning skills and learning strategies, Academic Coaching at Hola HP empowers students to become more effective and independent learners. Our goal is for each student to be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful individuals beyond middle and high school. 

Students will come to Hola HP’s Academic Coaching groups and initially gain motivation, complete assignments, plan for the week ahead, and learn study skills, but over time they will also master crucial executive functioning skills: organization, time management, prioritization, study skills, and goal setting. 

With development and mastery of these skills, students will gain a sense of independence that they will carry with them throughout their entire lives--benefiting them through all of life’s circumstances.

Hola's Academic Coaching Director: Katie Eason

Meet our Academic Coach Caroline Burr

Meet our Academic Coach Jacquelyn Woldert

Study Hall

Study Hall is offered for 5th-10th grade students. During Study Hall, students finish assignments for the day, get organized for the week, and work on study skills as needed. Our academic coaches keep parents constantly up to date with what is happening in their student's classes.


Meets: 4:00pm-5:15pm

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays


 Students come to all three days or the days they can attend. Price is fixed at $75/week and it is a 2 month consecutive financial commitment. 

5th - 8th grade Study Hall


9th - 10th grade Study Hall

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April 12th @ 7:00am


Pop Up Opportunites

Hola's Academic Coaching will offer:

* 3rd/6th/9th week assignment checks

*Midterm and Final Exam micro group Organizational Sessions

*Binder/Folder Clean Out Sessions

Check back soon! All opportunities will be listed here!

Private Opportunites

Let our staff help be an academic coach for your student based on your student's needs.

Private Academic Coaches:

Katie Eason

Caroline Burr

Jacquelyn Woldert

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