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High School Academic Planning

  • Create a 4 year course plan for high school 

  • Develop goals

  • Discuss how to get involved in activities that will help you with leadership and development 

College Counseling

  • Develop your college list 

  • Work on the college applications

  • Essay brainstorming and editing 

  • Create a resume and/or developed activities section 

  • Tips for staying organized with the college process  

Current Pop Ups +

Parent Info Sessions

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Hola's Academic + College Counselor

Katherine Montgomery

  • Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Innovation, Texas Tech University 2018

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Southern Methodist University 2014

  • Almost a decade of experience working with students applying to colleges.

  • I’m passionate about helping students find the right college fit for them to be successful. By breaking the college application process into smaller, manageable tasks, students feel a significant reduction in stress levels. 

  • Member of TACAC (Texas Association for College Admission Counseling), NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling), and ACCIS (Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools)

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