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2023 Pre-K/Elementary
Workshop + Camp Descriptions

Pre-K STEAM Camps:

Our STEAM camps engage students into a theme-based learning experience where Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are integrated into each lesson.  We stay so busy, our students don’t realize how much they are learning. .

Speech and Language Therapy Workshops:

This workshop is designed for intensive speech and language support for students struggling in these areas. There will be explicit instruction in the areas of receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language as well as articulation. Each camp has different activities, and please feel free to sign up for more than one.

We will be working on following multi-step directions, requesting wants and needs, describing skills, sentence formation, turn-taking, and conversational skills through a variety of fun games and activities.

Intensive Reading Therapy Workshops: 

This workshop is designed for intensive reading support (for students reading below grade level) through explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, fluency, and decoding with our Dyslexia Therapists. 

3rd and 4th Grade Book Clubs: 

Enrich students' reading skills by providing summer book engagement. Students will come together for one hour each day to sharpen comprehension skills through book conversations and writing responses. Students will be expected to read a specific range of pages each night before coming to book club, so that we can use that time to dig deeper into the books and grow our understanding.


Get excited for Pre-K Camp:

The student will….

  • practice letter recognition and letter sound identification

  • attend to stories and songs during whole group time

  • practice writing and identifying his/her name with correct letter formation

  • learn pre-reading skills (print directionality, identification of a letter vs. a word)

  • learn and practice one to one correspondence with numbers 1-20

  • recognize basic shapes, build patterns, and compare sets

Get Ready for Kinder Camp:

The student will…

  • learn and recognize upper and lower case letters and letter sounds

  • practice writing his/her name with the correct pencil grip and letter formation

  • blend phonemes and identify initial sounds

  • develop confidence in responding to read-aloud and participating in circle time activities  

  • focus on number recognition, identification, one to one correspondence, and creating/comparing sets   

  • discover patterns in math

Get Ready for First Grade Camp:  

The student will…

  • continue practice with high frequency words

  • focus on word decoding skills and fluent reading

  • establish strong number sense and place value

  • discover patterns in math

  • learn strategies for solving word problems

Get Ready for Second Grade Camp:

The student will...

  • focus on word reading skills with authentic texts

  • learn comprehension skills while maintaining fluent reading

  • practice with fiction and nonfiction texts

  • focus on number sense through math facts and place value

  • develop strategies for word problems

Get Ready for Third  Grade Camp: 

The student will . . . 

  • build confidence and prepare for a great third grade year

  • strengthen and review reading comprehension skills in both fiction and non fiction texts

  • review and practice writing great sentences, paragraphs and stories

  • develop a stronger math foundation focusing on number sense, place value, math facts and word problems

Get Ready for Fourth Grade Camp:

The student will . .

  • build confidence and prepare for a great fourth grade year

  • build comprehension skills with a focus on summarizing, drawing conclusions, and inferencing 

  • use text evidence to support comprehension in both fiction and non fiction texts

  • review and practice narrative and expository writing with a focus on grammar and conventions

  • develop a stronger math foundation focusing on number sense, place value, decimals and fractions, multiplication and division fluency, and strategies for solving multi-step word problems

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