About our First Grade Groups:

In our weekly study groups, students will...​

  • foster a love for reading and math.

  • help build skills for lifelong learning.

  • review, practice and extend what students are learning in their 1st grade classroom. 

  • focus on word decoding skills through authentic text by looking for word patterns and implementing strategies.

  • monitor comprehension as fluency and decoding skills are solidified.

  • practice with skills regarding author’s purpose, summarizing, main idea, and more. 

  • learn to read and think differently about fiction and nonfiction texts.

  • build understanding in subtraction and addition math facts.

  • build a strong foundation in number sense and place value.

  • discover patterns in math such as with fractions, geometry, and measurement.

  • develop strategies for solving word problems that can relate to the real world.

  • learn in an engaging and safe atmosphere.