** Why are these groups popular?

Most tutoring sessions in the Park Cities range from $70 to over $100 an hour. Study groups are half the price of 1:1 tutoring and provide opportunities for peer interaction, communication, and discussion  We have years of experience with the HPISD curriculum and our groups are focused and content specific. We create our own notes, handouts, and activities for each session based on what’s going on in class.


**What will we do each week?

Our goal is for you to leave our sessions feeling confident with the material being covered at that exact moment in class. We prepare for the assessment given the upcoming week. We create meaningful activities that help promote authentic learning. Our goal is not to do homework with you; however, we will use it as reinforcement only if there is time following a lesson and/or activities. 


** What if I can’t come one week?

As long as it’s no more than once a month, your child is more than welcome to come to one of the other sessions. Please coordinate with the tutor about this a week prior to the conflict if possible.  There is no reinbursement for missed sessions. At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, we will be issuing a $20 "switch" fee if you cannot make it to your designated time and need to attend a different session. We are doing this in an attempt to keep the group sizes small to be most conducive to learning which will benefit your kids. 


**What do the kids bring to the sessions?

We will provide ALL materials, but it’s smart for your kids to bring their class binders in case we refer to specific homework assignments or class notes. They are also provided a binder from ¡hola hp! and are encouraged to bring it weekly.


**Can I get out of the group?

Yes, though it’s not common. If you really need one on one attention, or some conflict arises that we cannot work around, you can leave the group at the end of the month, and we will fill your spot with someone else on the waitlist. You will not be able to return to the group once you forfeit your spot. Please give us a heads up prior to the start of the next month. Once the beginning of the month starts, your child will need to pay for that month. 


**What happens on three day weekends?

There is no tutoring on for the Sunday groups the weeks of three day weekends. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday groups meet at their normal times.


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