About our ¡hola hp! Study Groups

GOAL: Our goal at ¡hola hp! is for students in HPISD to feel and see success in learning from Pre-K to their senior year. Our small group environment creates a perfect classroom to not only prepare for the upcoming assessments, but also to engage in meaningful interactions and discussions to help foster a love of and for learning. All tutors at ¡hola hp! are certified Texas teachers with years of experience with the HPISD curriculum. Our tutors create their own notes, handouts, and activities for the students in direct correlation with the HP curriculum. 

Weekly Study Groups: This is what we are known for! Students can sign up for a weekly study group that we offer and are a part of that group for the year. Students come at the same time each week for instruction and preparation for the upcoming assessments of the week. Study groups range from 5 to 8 kids. Secondary groups begin the first week of school, and elementary groups begin the first week of September. Both groups last until the last week of the academic school year. You can choose to commit for the year or commit monthly. Please see our policies and refunds information when registering. 

Pop up Sessions: These sessions are first open to hola hp members and then open to others outside if there is availability. These are extra sessions requested by the students that our tutors hold the night before big tests/quizzes. They are "popped" on the calendar the week of the assessment and students may sign up online to reserve their spots. Pop up sessions range from 5 to 15 kids depending on the type of review and purpose of the meeting.

Cram Sessions: Cram Sessions are held the week of midterm and final exams. These are longer, more focused reviews of the whole semester's worth of information. We provide practice exams that resemble their actual exam in format and content as well as condensed notes of the semester. These are first open to hola hp members and then open to others outside of hola hp. 

College Application Workshops: The goal of these sessions is to reduce the stress involved in the college application process by dividing application requirements into easily understandable and manageable chunks and spreading them out over time. In each session students will work individually within a small group context of no more than six students on the specific session goal and leave feeling accomplished and empowered.  

Summer Programs: Hola hp tutors decide each summer areas in which students need extra reinforcement. Our June and July camps will vary each summer, but our August sessions will consistently include Spanish back to school reviews, Writing Workshops, and Summer Reading Book reviews. To find out more information, visit our Summer Programs page!

Group meeting location:

Hillcrest location:  6719 Hillcrest Suite B (3 doors south of Starbucks)

Rosedale location: 3406 Rosedale (across from Bubba's drive-thru) 


Office Phone:


oscar@holahp.com: billing/registration

katherine@holahp.com: inquiries

Where We Teach:

*6719 Hillcrest Suite B  

*3406 Rosedale Avenue 

*6615 Snider Plaza (above Bandito's)

*6729 Hillcrest

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