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Laura Walker, M.S., CCC-SLP

Co-Director of Specialized Services

  • Masters in Communication Disorders, UT Dallas 2013

  • Member of American Speech and Hearing Association and Texas Speech and Hearing Association 

  • Bachelors in International Business and Marketing, Baylor 2005

  • 10 years of serving students in HPISD at Armstrong Elementary, Boone Elementary, Bradfield Elementary, and Highland Park Middle School.

  • Passionate about helping students make progress across all communication areas: Speech Sound Disorders (articulation, phonological processing, motor speech), Receptive and Expressive language, Pragmatic (social) language, Fluency, and Voice Disorders.

  • Served on the district’s dyslexia team assisting with identification of language disorders that can coexist with dyslexia.

  • Experience supporting students in Fundamentals, Structure, Resource, and In-class support classrooms.

  • Provided push-in language lessons in kindergarten classrooms

  • Trainings include: 

    • PROMPT Certified

    • TEACCH Autism Program (University of North Carolina)

    • LAMP: Language Acquisition Through Motor Planning

  • Is an HP Mom and loves spending her time with her husband, Steve, and two kids, Evan and Vera.

  • Devoted to helping students find their voice, feel confident, and overcome any obstacles in communicating with others as well as helping families support their children.

Laura Walker, M.S., CCC-SLP
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