Ali Jackson 

  • Director of Mathematics at ¡Hola HP!

  • BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (SFA/UTA), Magna Cum Luade

  •  State of Texas Certified in Mathematics/Science, ESL, and TAG

  • Masters in Education with an emphasis in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (University of Houston)

  • 10 years of teaching experience (5 years at HPISD)

  • 10 years of tutoring experience in HPISD

  • Campus Leadership Committee Facilitator (HPMS)

  • 8th Grade Cheerleading Coach (2006-2012)

  • HPMS Teacher of the year Nominee

  • Trained in Schlechty Foundations, Love and Logic, Global Leadership, and many other programs.

  • Loves spending time with my husband, Ben, and our two adorable kids, Joe (4) and Charlie (1).

  • I believe that mathematics is the universal language that we can all learn.  It just needs to be explained to each individual person so that it makes sense to them.



214-226-9937 billing/registration inquiries

Locations in Snider Plaza

*6719 Hillcrest Suite B  

*3406 Rosedale Avenue 

*6615 Snider Plaza (above Bandito's)

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