FOR PARENTS: College Applications Q&A

Hola HP's College Counselor is offering Pop Ups for PARENTS to address logistics involved in college applications and how they can best support their children.

Topics addressed include:

-Standardized tests- which one(s) and how often

-College visits- making the best impression possible

-Finances- school aid verses financial aid

-Disabilities- if and when to report

-Demonstrated Interest Colleges- emails, College Nights and meeting with college admission representatives 

-Expanded/Activities Resume- what and when?

-Essays- how many and when?

-Summer plans- addressing any weaknesses 

-Keeping track of applications- how and who

-Credit Earning Exams- if and when to report

-College Interviews-preparation, brag sheet, thank you notes

-Additional scholarship opportunities  


At the conclusion of the session Dr, Howard will open the floor for questions. Registrations will be limited to 10 parents per session. Please click the dates below to register:

Thursday, January 11th (10:00-11:00am)  & Wednesday,  January 17th (10:00-11:00am)

Location: Hillcrest Location (3 doors south of Starbucks)

Price: $15