¡hola hp! policies

** weekly attendance

By signing up for a time, we are assuming your student can make this time consistently each week. As long as it’s no more than once a month, he or she is more than welcome to come to one of the other sessions of the same level should a conflict arise. Please coordinate with the tutor about this at least one week prior to the conflict. We cannot guarantee the switch as it will depend on the group size. There will be a $20 switch fee that will automatically be charged to your credit card once the time is worked out with the tutor.  Late fees are not applied to three day weekend switches for Sunday groups.


** payment

Each secondary session costs $42, and each elementary session costs $52. The total tuition for the school year is divided among 10 payment periods (9 payment periods for elementary groups as we start in September). At check out, you will sign an electronic waiver agreeing to hola hp's policies and payment policies. For any additional questions on payment, please contact Oscar Ruiz at oscar@holahp.com


**leaving a group

If the student really needs one on one attention, or some conflict arises that we cannot work around, the student can leave the group at the end of the current pay period, and we will fill his or her spot with someone else on the waitlist. The student will not be able to return to the group once you forfeit his or her spot, unless there is a spot available when your child returns. If you request to leave the group prior to the first day of the month, we will take your credit card off automatic payment. If you forfeit the student’s spot once a pay period has begun, you will not be reimbursed for that pay period.  Therefore, please make sure to arrange leaving PRIOR TO the beginning of the next month!


**expectations of students

Students are expected to listen and be respectful to each other and the tutor. If a child is causing the learning atmosphere to be disrupted, we will contact the parents with up to two warnings. After the third disruption, ¡hola hp! reserves the right to dismiss any student from a group based on behavior and fill their spot with someone on the waitlist.