"Pop up" sessions are additional sessions outside of our weekly groups. Weekly Group clients of Hola HP, please apply your coupon code sent to you via e-mail at the beginning of each month. Some options may not accept coupons. Though a pop up can be added at any point, typically the majority of the following week's Pop Ups will be added on FRIDAYS. 

Important Note: Our Pop Ups will indefinitely remain virtual. If you sign up for a pop up, the teacher will send a link to join the Zoom session. Please make sure you/your student has strong WIFI and is away from any distractions. Make sure your  volume is up! :) See you online!

Virtual Pop Ups
$55 - Coupon Codes Accepted
  • Unique group formed for a test or quiz prep

  • No live students present

  • Lesson is fully virtual

  • Students are able to ask questions and engage fully with the teacher and the group

  • Documents provided prior to sessions start time

Virtual Tune Ins
$40 - Coupon Codes Accepted
  • Students purchase and “tune in” to an in-person weekly group session that is live streamed

  • Focus is on the in-person weekly group students

  • Tune In students can listen to the lesson and receive all documents and keys

Document Fee
$25 - Coupon Codes Not Accepted
  • For pop ups that students cannot attend, students have the option to purchase our reviews and keys

  • Not available for every pop up...please inquire with the teacher running the session

Office Phone:


oscar@holahp.com: billing/registration

katherine@holahp.com: inquiries

Where We Teach:

*6719 Hillcrest Suite B  

*3406 Rosedale Avenue 

*6615 Snider Plaza (above Bandito's)

*6729 Hillcrest

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