"Pop up" sessions are additional sessions outside of our weekly groups. Weekly Group clients of Hola HP, please apply your coupon code sent to you via e-mail at the beginning of each month. Some options may not accept coupons. Though a pop up can be added at any point, typically the majority of the

Pop Ups
$55 - Coupon Codes Accepted
(in person and virtual only)
  • Students are all in person at our Hola locations

  • 8 students max present

  • Tune In Students may be present, but the focus will be on the students present physically in the pop up

Virtual Tune Ins
$45 - Coupon Codes Accepted
  • Students purchase and “tune in” to an in-person weekly group session that is live streamed

  • Focus is on the in-person weekly group students

  • Tune In students can listen to the lesson and receive all documents and keys

  • Documents provided at least one hour prior to the session's start time

  • Zoom info found in confirmation email at time of purchase

Document Sales
$25 + 
  • For pop ups that students cannot attend, students have the option to purchase our reviews and keys

  • Not available for every pop up...please inquire with the teacher running the session

  • Rates for AP, STAAR, Cram Sessions, and Back to School Reviews are $55/document

Pop Ups: 



Holiday Fun: PreK-2nd STEAM Camp: Sat. 12/4 @ 9:00am with Ms. Laura, Ms. Blake, Ms. Phillips, and Ms. Scott

ALL Holiday Break Day Camps see HERE!



Calculus BC: Unit 6 Quiz Prep: Tues. 11/30 @ 8:30pm in Hill 3 (Ashley Pride Pop Up)


5th grade Math: Dividing Test Prep: Wed. 12/1 @ 6:30 in Hill 7 (Kathleen Berry Pop Up)

7/8 Math: Unit 6 TEST Prep: Wed. 12/1 @ 7:30pm in Hill 2 (Amanda Smart Pop Up)


8th Grade Algebra: Unit 7 Quiz Prep: Wed. 12/1 @ 7:30pm in PreK Room (Ashley Pride Pop Up)


Algebra 2: Unit 6 Quiz Prep: Wed. 12/1 @ 7:30pm in Hill 4 (Ali Jackson Pop Up)

5th grade Math:Multiplying and Dividing Major Assessment Prep: Sun. 12/5 @ 4:15 in Hill 8 (Kathleen Berry Pop Up)

PreCal: Unit 6 Test Prep: Mon. 12/6 @ 7:30pm in Hill 2 (Ali Jackson Pop Up)


Honors Algebra 2: Unit 7 Quiz Prep : Tues. 12/7 @ 8:30pm in Hill 3 (Ashley Pride Pop Up)


Algebra 2: Unit 6 Test Prep: Wed. 12/8 @ 7:30pm in Hill 4 (Ali Jackson Pop Up)


MicroEconomics: Unit 6 TEST Prep: Thurs. 12/2 @ 6:15pm (Amy Livingston)

MacroEconomics: Unit 6 TEST Prep: Sun. 12/5 @ 1:15pm (Amy Livingston)



Spanish 1B: Quiz Prep 11/30 @ 7:30pm with Caroline Harris (Hill 6) (Caroline Harris Pop Up)


Chemistry (Standard): Midterm Work Session (Virtual): Thurs., Dec. 9th @ 8:30pm (Martie Black Pop Up)


APES: CED 5 MC Test Prep (Virtual): Tues., Dec. 7th @ 7:30pm (Martie Black Pop Up) 


APES: CED 5 FRQ Test Tune In : Sun. Dec. 5th @ 3:15 or 5:15 (Martie Black Tune In)


Chemistry (Standard): Unit 6 Test Prep (Virtual): Sun., Dec. 5th @ 8:15 pm (Martie Black Pop Up)


Chemistry (Standard): Unit 6 Test Prep: Sun., Dec. 5th @ 2:15 pm (Martie Black Pop Up) 

Chemistry (Standard): Unit 6 Calculations Prep (Virtual): Wed., Dec. 1st @ 7:30 pm (Martie Black Pop Up) 

8th Grade Science: Physics Test Prep: Thurs., Dec. 2nd @ 6:30 (Jessica Watts Pop Up)

8th grade Science: Physics Test Prep: Tues, Nov. 11th @ 8:30pm (Jessica Watts Pop Up)

8th Grade Science: Physics Test Prep: Thurs., Dec. 2nd @ 5:30 (Sylvia Bearden Pop Up)

5th grade Science: Circuits Minor Prep: Thurs., Dec. 2nd @ 5:15pm with Jessica Watts


Physics (Standard): Midterm Work Session: Thurs., Dec. 9th @ 6:30 (Lauren Martyn Popup)


Physics (PreAP): Energy/Power Test Review Virtual : Tues., Dec. 7th @ 8:30 (Lauren Martyn Pop Up)


Physics (Standard): WebAssign Work Session: Sun., Dec. 5th @ 8:15 (Lauren Martyn Popup)


Physics (PreAP): Midterm Work Session: Thurs., Dec. 9th @ 5:30 (Lauren Martyn


Physics (PreAP): Circles & Gravity Quiz Review: Tues., Nov. 30th @ 7:30 (Jessica Watts Pop Up)