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Pop Ups
$60 - Coupon Codes Accepted
(in person or fully virtual)
  • Students are all in person at our Hola locations

  • 12 students max present

  • Tune In Students may be present, but the focus will be on the students present physically in the pop up

Virtual Tune Ins
$50 - Coupon Codes Accepted
  • Students purchase and “tune in” to an in-person weekly group session that is live streamed

  • Focus is on the in-person weekly group students

  • Tune In students can listen to the lesson and receive all documents and keys

  • Documents provided at least one hour prior to the session's start time

  • Zoom info found in confirmation email at time of purchase

Document Sales
$25 + 
  • For pop ups that students cannot attend, students have the option to purchase our reviews and keys

  • Not available for every pop up...please inquire with the teacher running the session

  • Rates for AP, STAAR, Cram Sessions, and Back to School Reviews are $55/document

The majority of pop up sessions are added on Fridays. Though we will add more as they "pop" on the calendar, Friday by noon you will see the majority of the next weeks sessions updated!

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