About our Pre-K Groups:

In our weekly study groups, students will...

  • build confidence to develop a love of reading, writing, and math in a fun, motivating, and structured environment.

  • build a strong foundation of number sense skills to understand the relationships between numbers with a focus on 1 to 1 correspondence, creating sets, recognizing, and writing numbers to 20.

  • develop the important foundation of basic math skills with a focus on patterns, sorting/categorizing, geometry, position words, graphing, measurement, and modeling addition and subtraction with manipulatives.

  • develop strong phonological awareness through blending word parts, segmenting word parts, breaking a sentence into individual words, identifying and generating rhyming words, identifying syllables, identifying beginning sounds, and blending one syllable words.  

  • gain a strong foundation of phonics with a focus on letter recognition, letter sound recognition, decoding, and introduction of high frequency words.

  • build a strong foundation in reading by developing strong pre reading skills, retelling skills, vocabulary, print directionality, and strategies to strengthen reading comprehension.

  • develop a deeper understanding of text through connecting and responding to text, making predictions, and making inferences from read alouds.

  • build confidence as a writer by developing awareness in the writing process through shared and interactive writing.

  • create unique and individual writing pieces using pictures, labels, letters, and words to convey meaning verbally and visually.

  • use correct pencil grip to write letters with correct letter formation and pencil strokes to write one’s own name and the alphabet. 

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