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PreK in the Plaza

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PreK in the Plaza

At Hola HP, we strive for your student to be ready for Kindergarten! Our PreK in the Plaza teachers, Natalie Phillips and Meghan Scott, assess your student’s academic skill level, form leveled groups based on their results, and create meaningful learning customized to your student’s needs. In addition, Jennifer Knagg and Marny Blake provide daily private and semi-private pull-out opportunities for enrichment and supplementation. Your student will no doubt enter Kindergarten with the utmost confidence. Our maximum 6:1 student to teacher ratio gives your student the attention he or she needs to bloom academically.

What Your Child Will Learn with Us

Goals for your Student

Mastered Shapes - triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, star, rhombus, crescent and heart. 

Mastered Colors - red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink, and grey. 

Mastered Name Recognition –know full name and birthday, find name in print, identify all letters in name and verbally spell first name.

Identify Rhyming Words - essential for good phonological awareness skills. 

Retell - simple stories in sequence.
Know Some Sight Words - I, like, the, and see, we, my, have, here, been, was…

Counting - rote count to 20, finger touch objects 1-10 with one-to-one correspondence. 

Identify Numerals - 0-10 in random order.

Sort objects - according to their size, shape, quantity, and color.

Complete Patterns - AB/AABB 

Eye Hand Coordination – able to toss and catch without dropping.

Separate from Parents - students who are happy and comfortable in a school setting are off to a great start. 

Verbalize Wants and Needs - ask questions and able to solve problems without aggression.

Comprehension - able to listen and follow 2-3 step directions.
Share – materials/manipulatives with peers and clean up after themselves.


Self-Dress - be able to put on their own coats, socks, shoes, and button their own pants. 

Independent in the Bathroom - must handle their own clothes, wipe themselves, flush, and wash their own hands. 

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