PreK in the Plaza

an academic kinder prep program

At Hola HP, we strive for your student to be ready for Kindergarten! Our focus in both our morning, 3-hour options as well as our afternoon 1-hour options, is just that: kinder readiness. With a 6:1 student to teacher ratio, and our amazing teachers Natalie Phillips, Marny Blake, and Emily Manning assessing, level grouping, and creating meaningful learning customized to your student, we can help students enter Kinder with confidence! 

Our Goals for Your Student

  • build confidence to develop a love of reading, writing, and math in a fun, motivating, and structured environment.

  • build a strong foundation of number sense skills to understand the relationships between numbers with a focus on 1 to 1 correspondence, creating sets, recognizing, and writing numbers to 20.

  • develop the important foundation of basic math skills with a focus on patterns, sorting/categorizing, geometry, position words, graphing, measurement, and modeling addition and subtraction with manipulatives.

  • develop strong phonological awareness through blending word parts, segmenting word parts, breaking a sentence into individual words, identifying and generating rhyming words, identifying syllables, identifying beginning sounds, and blending one syllable words.  

  • gain a strong foundation of phonics with a focus on letter recognition, letter sound recognition, decoding, and introduction of high frequency words.

  • build a strong foundation in reading by developing strong pre reading skills, retelling skills, vocabulary, print directionality, and strategies to strengthen reading comprehension.

  • develop a deeper understanding of text through connecting and responding to text, making predictions, and making inferences from read alouds.

  • build confidence as a writer by developing awareness in the writing process through shared and interactive writing.

  • create unique and individual writing pieces using pictures, labels, letters, and words to convey meaning verbally and visually.

  • use correct pencil grip to write letters with correct letter formation and pencil strokes to write one’s own name and the alphabet. 

Office Phone:


oscar@holahp.com: billing/registration

katherine@holahp.com: inquiries

Where We Teach:

*6719 Hillcrest Suite B  

*3406 Rosedale Avenue 

*6615 Snider Plaza (above Bandito's)

*6729 Hillcrest

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