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Jessica Patton

K-12 & Beyond

Science, Math, History, Language Arts 




College Advisement

IEP/ARD/504 Counseling

Ellen Talley

Elementary Specialist 

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Ashley Pride

5th-12th grade Math

Megan Beckner

4th-12th grade

English: grammar, reading, writing​

Social Studies

Study Skills

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Lisa Seaman


  • grammar

  • essay editing 

  • literature analysis

Katherine Herron

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Tracey Bishkin

Secondary Specialist

Social Studies

World History


Jennifer Knagg

Elementary Specialist

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Martie Black

Secondary Science

Chemistry (all levels)

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Connie Paniagua


All ages and levels

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Kathleen Berry

1st-6th grade Math

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Dr. Michelle Arce

Secondary Science

Biology / Biology PreAP

Chemistry /Chem PreAP

Amanda Smart

Middle School Math

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Kathlyn Lehner

Elementary Specialist

PreK- 2nd grade

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Suzanne Dulaney

English 1 PreAP

English III AP

English IV AP

Lauren Heavin

AP US Government

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

8th grade US History

7th-12th Grade Spanish



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