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Chris Foster

Essays with Mr. Foster

All Levels of English

Essay Editing and Writing

Ellen Talley

Elementary Specialist 

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Ashley Pride

5th-12th grade Math

Megan Beckner

Kinder-4th grade weekly assignments

5th grade: All Subjects

6th-10th grade: English 

  • grammar

  • reading comprehension

  • vocabulary

  • writing

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Tracey Bishkin

Secondary Specialist

Social Studies

World History


Jennifer Knagg

Elementary Specialist

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Martie Black

Secondary Science

Chemistry (all levels)

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Connie Paniagua


All ages and levels

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Dr. Michelle Arce

Secondary Science

Biology / Biology PreAP

Chemistry /Chem PreAP

Amanda Smart

Middle School Math

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Kathlyn Lehner

Elementary Specialist

PreK- 2nd grade

Hunt Caraway

World Geography (all)

World History (all)

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Lisa Seaman

8th grade English

English 1 TAG

English 2 Standard

English 2 PreAP

Jeff Bivins

Biology (all levels)

Erin McCormack

8th Grade English

English 1 Standard

English 1 PreAP

Ali Jackson

Math (5th-12th grade)

Meghan Scott

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Kathleen Berry

1st-6th grade Math

Tara Callahan

8th Grade English

English 1 Standard

Kristen Cox

5th-8th grade Math

Katie Eason

5th-8th grade All Subjects

Kim Christopher

Elementary Specialist

Jana Barger

Elementary Social Studies

7th grade Social Studies

8th grade Social Studies

World Geography

World History

Regular US History

AP US History

US Government

Tim Hall


All levels of English

Lauren Bagwell

Social Studies

PreK-2nd grade

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