Testimonials for ¡hola hp!

There are so many things our family loves about Hola HP, but one of the many things that sets Hola apart from other similar services is the quality of Hola’s instructors, each of whom is not only an expert in his or her field of instruction, but also has the heart of a teacher.  Every week, instead of merely preparing students for the next classroom assessment, Hola instructors focus on ensuring that their students fully understand the subject matter being tested so that they are able to retain and apply the underlying concepts long after the test.  In our family’s experience, tutoring at Hola HP has resulted not only in improved grades, but in a student who is confident in her ability to master any subject given enough time, effort, and instruction and who thrives instead of struggles in class.  We are so grateful to Hola HP for giving our daughter the gift of academic confidence.

--Brandi Sarfatis

My name is Gracey Cobb and I am a Junior at HP. I am so grateful for  Hola HP! I have been to a tutor there for almost every class I've had through out high school.  From weekly sessions to pop up tests the tutors teach us what we need to know to succeed. If I'm unsure about something that I'm learning, I can always count on Hola HP to help me figure it out!!   I am not sure what I would do without these amazing tutors!  

Thank you!

We are SO grateful for HOLA HP and ALL the amazing teachers! All 3 of my kids attend weekly sessions, and their grades and study skills have improved greatly! We LOVE HOLA HP!!! -- Anonymous

My son has been a student at Hola HP for several years now and I cannot say enough great things about the program and the teachers. He has taken everything from Spanish, Math, World Geography PreAP, Study Skills to Cram Sessions for Final Exams. He has gained so much confidence and feels so much better prepared going into class and taking exams after preparing through Hola HP. Katherine, Oscar and the entire team are such an amazing asset to our wonderful community. They have always been so responsive and helpful in every way. You simply cannot find better people with bigger hearts wanting to help our children.  --- Elizabeth Royse

It takes a village and I certainly appreciate all the teachers that my boys have had at Hola HP for being in mine to help bridge the gap and the extra support they have provided in the weekly study groups to pop ups! For years, Hola HP has been and continues to be a regular part of our weekly routine! Love you all!!! -- Kristin Johnson

We LOVE Hola HP! The entire organization is top notch! We couldn't make it without their help. — Shay Sides

My sophomore struggled all freshman year with spanish. Sporadic tutoring only helped get through finals. Since attending weekly sessions with Katherine ... Spanish is his highest grade and the class he feels most confident in!!!! Thank you HOLA & Katherine!!!!! —Kandi Taylor

Katherine and Oscar are a great support system for my boys. They really care about how they are doing in their Spanish classes and check in regularly to see how they can help. Thank you Hola HP! —Sharon Snyder

Our family has been long term customers of Hola HP...Daniele has struggled in school alot of her middle school and high school years. People have often told me that we should not need outside tutors if the teachers are doing their jobs. I strongly disagree with that model as Daniele has thrived since having help with Spanish from Hola HP. We have recently added Chemistry and hope for the same improvement. Her grades went from very mediocre to excellent in Spanish. I have found the tutorials at the high school are not reviews for tests but specific question driven. This does not help when someone just needs extra time brushing up. In middle school tutorials were more reviews. Katherine, Oscar and Marta have been instrumental in Daniele's progress. I hope they expand to many more subjects...this is a necessary component in a public school learning environment in my opinion. —Dana DeMesy

Ali Jackson is a wonderful math tutor and has been a great help to my son! Her lessons are organized and thorough and she is always there to help. —Caroline Winfield

Oscar Ruiz was so instrumental in helping my sophomore son bridge the gap from regular Spanish to Spanish III Pre AP his sophomore year. He’s now on his way to fluency! And, This fall he’s enjoying personalized tutoring for Pre Cal from Ali Jackson which is so helpful in staying currant after he misses class for UIL activities. Thank you Hola HP!! —Natalie Dodge

My daughter has benefited greatly from the weekly math tutorials and pop ups at Hola HP. She loves her tutor, Ali Jackson, and our family appreciates the close proximity to home. We are so thankful for the added help Hola HP provides! -- Anonymous

Hola HP is incredible! We had not heard of them until this year (sadly), but now that we are enrolled in multiple sessions per week, I can attest that: 1) they are very accommodating and helpful; 2) the tutoring is excellent and is truly a lifesaver for the GPA; 3) it is a safe and friendly environment. The cost is also very reasonable. On days when my kids have been sick or missed school, Hola H serves as a make-up session and it's like they never missed a day. WE LOVE THIS PLACE!! I highly recommend Hola HP! -- Anonymous

My son has benefited immensely from his weekly classes, along with pop-ups in Pre-Cal with Ali Jackson! She was wonderful last year for him in Algebra 2 also!!! --Anonymous


Hola HP has helped me for the past two  years with many of my classes.

From Mrs Jackson, to Mrs Herron, To Ms. Seaman, to Mr. Ruiz, to all of the other wonderful teachers that have helped me in every subject, they always have exactly what I need to help in every class. All of my grades have gone up thanks to them, and I'm so thankful to have this extra help -they are so nice  and supportive --Gracey Cobb, Sophomore HPHS


If your child willingly goes to tutor, then that tutor is doing something right!  My son does not think twice about going to Hola HP…. he wants to go… it’s that helpful to him.  When it came time to sign up for another year of Spanish (which was optional for his junior year) he did not hesitate knowing that he would have Hola HP in his back pocket! --Lolly Landwehr


I definitely want to share what a positive and helpful experience Hola HP has been for Ben this year!!  He went from feeling as if Spanish was a subject he just had to get through and one that he would never do well in, to enjoying Spanish and feeling confident about his ability in it.  He got in the car the other day and said that the most helpful thing has been that what he learns at Hola HP directly correlates with exactly what they are learning in class at the same time.  He said it was a huge help learning ahead of time what he will be learning in class so that he can grasp the concept better.  We are very grateful for Hola HP and definitely plan on continuing and enrolling the youngest Smith soon!!!! -- Ashley Smith


I cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about HOLA HP! Both of my boys have benefitted greatly from their tutoring groups! They enjoy the time and are grateful for the extra help and the amazing instruction! Both boys have improved their grades in Spanish this year! We love HOLA HP! -- Blaire Sherer


Hola HP has been a God send!   My son loves the small group setting, as he learns not only from Sr. Ruiz but from the others in the group as well, whether it be by what they are doing correctly or incorrectly. Katherine and the instructors do everything possible to make tutoring fun and something the kids look forward to!   And, my son's Spanish grade  has improved consistently throughout the year!   We love Hola HP!!!   Elizabeth Royse


There are so many fantastic aspects to Hola HP!  For the students: happy, knowledgable, and engaging tutors. Jack actually likes going to tutoring -- amazing!!!  For the parents: organization!!!  The tutors are well aware ahead of time what the students need to be studying.... and if a test or quiz is popping up before their next scheduled tutor time, Hola HP will offer additional tutorials before the tests or quizzes!  That is such a HUGE help!  And the bottom line... Jack definitely is better prepared for class and is making a great grade in Spanish! --Linne Sitzer


I have to admit, when I heard about Hola HP the first time, I was a little skeptical.  It took only one visit where Gabriella walked through the door and said, "That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpful - I can't even explain!!!"   Every Sunday, she comes back with the exact same comment.  We are sold on Hola HP and are thrilled you are extending it to include Spanish IV next year.  We hope you will venture into AP USHistory as well.  Now I understand the success rate and why your classes fill so quickly.  Thank you.  You have made a world of difference (and my job easier!). -- Michelle Hall


As the parent of a dyslexic student, I watched helplessly as my child struggled for an entire year, barely passing after countless hours of studying for Spanish.  Nothing we tried seemed to help. This year, hola hp has made a huge difference.  My child has better grades and a more balanced life.  Great return on our investment! --parent of current 8th grader


Hola HP has been wonderful for our son, Mason! He really struggled in foreign language, and just having the weekly sessions gives him confidence and helps him feel prepared of the week. His grades and organization skills have improved this year. I love the communication on the newsletter, because it helps us prepare him for his weekly studies. Thank you for a great year, and we highly recommend your program!--Renee McKenney


The focused tutoring providing by Hola HP for Spanish 3 has been invaluable.  HPHS students are extremely busy.  Hola HP helps the students manage the work load and prepares them in advance of upcoming tests and quizzes. -- Ellen Smith


Hola HP has helped my son to understand the Spanish language in a way he could apply what is learned each week in his study group directly to school assignments. The Hola HP teachers are always an email or text away for questions on homework assignments too. We went from struggling to make a B in 8th grade Spanish to making an A in 9th grade. The convenience of the Hola HP location in Snider Plaza is wonderful!!! We love Senora Herron and thank her for all her help and support!

--parent of current 9th grader


Hola Hp has been great for my daughter!  Katherine and her staff not only speak Spanish , but can TEACH it too!!  My college boys had Katherine years ago when she taught at the middle school.  She knows exactly what to teach so your child so they will do well in school.  I cannot say enough good things about Hola Hp!! --  :))Kristi Feigl 


As the parent of a dyslexic student, I watched helplessly as my child struggled for an entire year, barely passing after countless hours of studying for Spanish.  Nothing we tried seemed to help. This year, hola hp has made a huge difference.  My child has better grades and a more balanced life.  Great return on our investment! --parent of current 8th grader


Ryan heard that High School Spanish is very challenging and Hola HP has completely removed the intimidation.  She feels so confident and prepared for every test. -- Kristen Fuller

¡Hola HP! has been so valuable for our daughter!  The small group setting and fabulous teachers have really helped her.  She feels much more confident after attending her weekly session.  As she told us, "I can't imagine taking Pre-Ap Spanish without Hola HP!" Thank You! -- Jill Willis


Hola HP has helped me so much in Spanish. It is fun to be with Mrs. Herron and a group of friends while learning. I look very forward to going!  It has been a very positive experience and I highly recommend it!.

Katherine Yancy


Hola Hp has been so helpful in reinforcing the harder grammar concepts and preparing my son for weekly quizzes and tests. The online portal has extra practice sheets that have been great to have for him to study.  The extra credit moodle B pages for quizzes and tests are not offered once you get to high school, and we feel like Hola Hp is what now gives him the extra boost in his grade! He enjoys the small group setting and is able to ask questions and get help when he needs it! He doesn't mind going which says A LOT! : ) Thank you! --Margaret Story


Hola Hp has been a wonderful help to my daughter! Both Señora Herron and Señor Ruiz have helped my daughter tremendously. You all help make Spanish fun and they have more confidence after they leave your tutorials. Thank you so much for everything you give to our kids!! We will be with you for many years. I have 2 more kiddos heading your way! Thank you all for everything you do and please talk Senior Ruiz into teaching Spanish 4AP:) -- Michelle Peck


My student, a freshman son, was on the fence about whether or not to take PAP Spanish 2 or regular Spanish 2. Senora Herron was instrumental in talking to my son...in Spanish no less...to determine his interest/skill level! In the end, my son opted for Spanish 2. When he started Hola HP, Senora Herron recommended a month by month basis because she was not certain my son needed the additional help. My son, on his own, decided that he absolutely needed Hola HP!!! The weekly accountability of reinforcing concepts learned at high school in a smaller setting has been huge! The portal is always available to access for additional notes. My son's confidence and love for learning Spanish is a direct result of the atmosphere and teachings of the tutors at Hola HP! In fact, my younger daughter will be joining Hola HP this fall for 8th grade Spanish. I see the benefit.

-- Julie Seale


Hola hp offers a great environment to study Spanish.  It's been so helpful that the tutors know the HPHS schedule and help the kids prepare for what's coming up in class. Whether they have a project due or will be taking a quiz or test, the Hola hp session gets them ready.  We'll be back!--Mary Jo Ward 


Hola Hp is incredible! It has been a blessing for my family. The team is knowledgeable, kind, and truly has the best interest of their students in mind. Hola Hp has made my child successful in Spanish. We are so fortunate to have Hola Hp. -- Kristie S.


Hola Hp has been a wonderful help to Daniele this year. She has been prepared for tests everytime. It so helps that the instructors are part of the school system and are aware of what is going on in each level. I do not have to tell them when the tests are like other tutors...and it is the most convenient meeting at Snider Plaza.  She also enjoys the group atmosphere....which I think helps with a language as they can practice together. It has been a great year!! --Dana DeMesy