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 Testimonials for PreK in the Plaza

My daughter has found her love for learning at Hola’s Pre-K in the Plaza.  She is greeted with open arms and the biggest smiles as she scurries up the stairs ready to dive into her day!  The correspondence from teachers has been very informative along with the face to face interaction during pickup which at this time is so rare at any establishment.  Those open arms and great big smile greets me again at the end of the day, but it’s my girl I get that from!  She talks a mile a minute about the letters she knows, the pictures she draws, the songs she sings and all of her friends. Pre-K in the Plaza at Hola HP is the warmest and most nurturing environment and Ms. Phillips and Ms. Blake are a wonderful team. They are great communicators with me as a parent, and I feel like they know my child and how to communicate with her on her level as well. I feel the most confident sending my daughter to Pre-K in the Plaza at Hola HP during this time and anytime!  I am grateful to KK Herron and Hola HP for providing this kind of program for our little ones. I know that my daughter feels welcome and free to be herself and open to learn.  That is important to me as a mom as she is discovering her numbers and letters and developing a love for learning.  

-- Jessica Rugg

My pre-k 3 daughter, Edith, went from not knowing how to hold a pencil to proudly writing her name and begging to write her own birthday thank you notes! She’s making letters out of silverware at dinner and sounding out words. She’s asking making comments/questions like, “That’s a capital F! What does a lowercase f look like again, mommy?” Edith is my second child and HolaHP’s pre-k program has given her a space to come out of her shell and feel academically confident outside of her older sister’s shadow. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our family’s experience at the school. My only regret is that my oldest didn’t get to experience the loving education HolaHP offers.

-- Lindsey Baker

My three kids have found the best educational experience at Hola HP this year. My twins, Audra and Braxton,  have just blossomed with the attention from their teachers and are beginning to learn to read. My three year old Cici knows so much now- days of the week, how to write her letters and all of her numbers. The extra special attention has made what is a terrible year so much better. I just wish we had this opportunity before and can’t wait to see what next year holds!

-- Aimee Key

Hola HP Pre-K in the Plaza has been such a blessing to supplement our 2 day school curriculum and help our son focus on important things like fine motor skills.  The teachers are amazing and our son loves it!

-- Erin Crum


Rhett has loved PreK in the Plaza! Such a fun, cheerful environment- makes you forget we are going through a pandemic! --Chrissy Mantzuranis

Hola Pre-K has been such an amazing experience for our son Winn and we feel so lucky to have been a part of this starting class. We have especially liked how the class is a combination of 3 and 4 year olds because it pushes Winn (who is 3 1/2) to strive to do what the older children are doing. Ms. Phillips and Ms. Blake are also wonderful! They are warm and caring and make school a very enjoyable place! They also do a great job on splitting the children up in small groups and working with them on age and ability specific topics as well. The class also adds in a good amount of science and art activities, which Winn really enjoys. He is excited every morning to go to school and always says school was great when we pick him up. I highly recommend Hola Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds.

-- Kendall Coleman


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